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"Each client operation. Each client a study."
Instruct him to fly the RPA effective and safe. In addition FlyTechnic® provides training services to pilots with RPAS certificate and licensed ULM, CPL,PPL o ATPL.

Operation Sudy Procedure

1. Register

We will open registration to begin training as soon as possible.

2. Training Request

Contact us via our form and a flight instructor will contact you to make a training course to suit you.

3. Instruction Begins

Instruction and real flight simulator begins…

4. End of Course

After completing the course the instructor will give the approval for the delivery of the Official Certificate authorized by AESA.


Our instruction team has an experience of thousands of flight hours on instruction, operations and aerial work. We use this experience in instruction, and operations, pilots to help our students develop and train with our aircraft.


As systems manufacturers, We can tailor any system to the needs of our customers operation.

Cost effectiveness

With our training equipment, Flytechnic® will train you to fly your aircraft RPAS as safely and efficiently as possible, so that it can monetize their aircraft and operations.

Our objetive


Excellent knowledge of aircraft.


Perfect handling with simulator training and flight.


Training aircraft operations



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