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With many years of combined experience between aerial work operations and aircraft manufacturing, FlyTechnic® designs RPAS systems ready to meet the demand for a wide range of services from our customers.

Dronex 4

Quadcopter aircraft in X4 configuration. With a low weight of 2 kg and powered by four electric motors, the Dronex is able to perform precision aerial work.


Agros is able to perform many operations in agriculture, cadastre or live animals, etc. Its excellent design alar confer excellent aerodynamic performance and great handling.


An excellent system designed to carry large sensors,you can perform air operations up to 35 minutes. This one, is one of our RPAS systems designed to fly fast, and arrive as soon as possible to the work area.

Magister V2

Thanks to its great features and excellent design, Magister is an ideal aircraft for training. It is able to perform aerial work short distance but is also capable of flying at low speed due to its excellent aerodynamic qualities.

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