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Engineered for short range sampling flights

Sable is an aircraft designed to work sampling short range. Very stable at low speeds, low stall speed and excellent performance with crosswind.


High load capacity

Sable is an RPA thar has a compartment capable of storing sensors and big lens for advanced technology operations.


One of its main features is its high maximum speed. Able to fly at a maximum cruise speed of 105 Km / h (56 knots), It is able to reach operating sites quickly.



The RPAS aircraft in agriculture are vital because they are able to make a number of measurement parameters, nonexistent until now, They are contributing to growth as much as the good maintenance of crops.

Forest engineering

Protection and monitoring of nature reserves and timberlands (for example to prevent illegal logging). Generation of Digital Terrain Models nude in forest areas, allowing the analysis of river routes and current models and soil erosion.


Able to reach the workplace quickly, Sable is able to perform operations such as road inspection, railroads, land, etc.


Wingspan 1,92 meters – 75,590 inches
Length 1,12 meters – 44,094 inches
MTOW with Payload 3 Kgs – 6,613 pounds
Range 20-35 minutes
Maximum speed 105 km / h – 57 knots
Maximum altitude 120 meters – 400 feet
Control system C2 2,4 Ghx / OSD
Takeoff and landing distances 25 meters / 35 meters – 82 feet / 115 feet

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