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Perfect for training and flight at low speeds

The Magister is an aircraft used by our customers as training aircraft pilots RPAS. But it is not only used for training. Because of their ability to flight at low speeds, it is an ideal aircraft for jobs that require slow flight.


Hand Launched

The take-off maneouver of this model is to be launched by hand, making it very versatile and useful for operate from any point of geography without having to rely on a runway for takeoff.

Secondary flight controls

The Magister aircraft has incorporated flaps that make it capable of flying at low speed, 20 Km / h without stalling.


Its excellent aerodynamic design, It makes it an ideal aircraft for jobs that require flight at low speeds, as well as an excellent flight trainer.


School Plane

The Magister is an ideal place to start learning flying aircraft with RPA. Its design and excellent maneuverability make it ideal for inexperienced students so they can learn flight maneuvers at low speeds.

Pilot Training

In addition, Magister aircraft RPA is an ideal for training and perfecting maneuvers to develop and conduct flight operations after.


Wingspan 1,4 meters – 55,118 inches
Length 1,02 meters – 40,157 inches
MTOW with Payload 1.5 Kgs – 3,3 Pounds
Range 15-20 minutes
Maximum speed 92 km / h – 50 knots
Maximum altitude 120 meters – 400 feet
Control system C2 2,4 Ghz / OSD
Takeoff and landing distances 10 meters / 30 meters – 33 feet / 100 feet

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