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Quadcopter X4 Settings

The Dronex 4 is an aircraft designed to work especially sampling with short range and light sensors for pilot training.


our Multicóptero

The Dronex 4 is our first Quadcóptero in 4X configuration capable of performing the maneuvers and operations characteristics of this type of aircraft.

Less than 2kg

Very light and fast, tranportar is capable of powerful sensors for sampling.


Image and Video

The Dronex 4 it is excellent for recording videos and taking pictures.

Pilot Training

The Dronex 4 It is excellent to train pilots as it has similar features and components to other models on the market.


Distance between axis 480 mm – 18,89 inches
Total width 720 mm – 28,346 inches
MTOW with Payload 1.9 Kgs – 4,2 Pounds
Range 15 minutes
Maximum speed 10 m/s – 20 knots
Maximum altitude 120 meters – 400 feet
Control system C2 2,4 Ghz / OSD

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