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Long range and high maneuverability

The AGROS is an aircraft with very good performance and great autonomy. It is an ideal system for aerial work as topography, review of wirings, marshes, etc. For this reason, its great features make it ideal for such flights.


Hand Launched

The take-off maneouver of this model is to be launched by hand, making it very versatile and useful for operate from any point of geography without having to rely on a runway for takeoff.

Low consumption

Reduced consumption for longer range and optimized flight.


Specially designed for sampling work short range. Very stable at low speeds, low stall speed and excellent performance with crosswind.



Agros is capable of measuring a number of parameters, nonexistent until now, they contribute to growth as much as the good maintenance of crops.


Insurance Surveys

Due to its excellent performance, it may be suitable for work in insurance companies and other companies that need large tracts expert opinion.



Specially designed to fly at low speeds, AGROS can develop the topography works perfectly.



Wingspan 1,8 meters – 70,866 inches
Length 1,112 meters – 43,779 inches
MTOW with Payload < 2Kgs – <4,41 pounds
Range 40 min MTOM
Maximum speed 92 Km / h – 50 knots
Maximum altitude 120 meters – 400 feet
Control system C2 2,4 Ghz / OSD
Takeoff and landing distances 10 meters / 30 meters – 33 feet / 100 feet

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