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About Us

More of 30 years of experience, thousands of flight hours

Flytechnic® is a company created in 1982 with the spirit of manufacturing and design components and aircraft model airplane. More than 30 years of experience in design and manufacture of aircraft, Flytechnic® offers now, RPA aircraft and systems to carry out any kind of air operation with our systems.

@ Is FlyTechnic, besides aircraft manufacturer RPAS, aerial work operator. We study any type of operation and, if feasible, we carry out offering all possible options to perform aerial work in the most efficient and economical way for our customers. We customize and personalize the operation to suit the client to avoid unnecessary extra costs, without forgetting the current regulations.

We found a solution to any unavoidable mishap that may occur before or during operation. A) Yes, customers only get the results you requested can reach without worrying about the operation.

We offer an optimal solution when purchasing one of our aircraft, through training in piloting the same.

After completing the course, Flytechnic® give each pilot RPAS an approved EASA certificate that allows the aircraft to operate within current legislation.

The course will be given by our experienced team of instruction, with decades of experience in aerial work and training of commercial pilots and RPAS.

always we are looking for ways to carry out operations and training in the most effective and most appropriate way for our customers.

our Skills

We depend on eachother same, as we manufacture our own aircraft.
We have technology and latest equipment to perform operations.
The pilots and instructors FlyTechnic® have thousands of hours of experience in manned aviation and RPAS.
The effectiveness of our aircraft and airborne equipment, It allows time profitable operations.
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